Tetradraw is a fully featured ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems by John McCutchan. ANSI art is only made of the ASCII characters with 16 colours. ANSI art is mainly used in text mode interfaces. Tetradraw is the first completly usable ANSI art editor for *nix operating systems. However Tetradraw does not only emulate the ansi editors for DOS. Tetradraw is revolutionary in the way ANSI art can be drawn, for the first time ever two artists can draw together over the internet on the exact same image (MultiDraw). This has been a long awaited feature and should provide a new level of art.

On top of the ground breaking MultiDraw here are some of Tetradraw's features:

ANSI art is not limited to a certain amount of lines. Your art can be an unlimited length.

Informative status bar.

Built in ASCII character table.

Built in Chat interface for MultiDraw.

A powerful block command. Featuring character and colour replacement and fill. Flipping on the X and Y axes. Tranparent Layer mode.

20 configurable character sets.

A powerfull interface.

Supports the ANSI, ASCII and BIN file formats.

You get complete access to the source code to make any improvments or changes you want.

Many configurable options that can be changed from internal options screen.

A seperate ANSI viewer: Tetraview.

Fully compitable with all DOS based ANSI editors and the linux console.

Auto backup of the image you are working on.

Built in quick help screen.

And much much more!